Osaka Ohsho x Ajisen Ramen
Osaka Ohsho x Ajisen Ramen
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Established in 1969 as a gyoza specialist, Osaka Ohsho soon garnered a steady following of Japanese diners who grew to love its casual ambience and irresistible dumplings. Today, there are over 300 outlets in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and Singapore.

Osaka Ohsho – which translates to ‘The King of Gyoza in Osaka' – is the destination for handmade gyoza (meat dumplings) that have been skilfully pan-fried to be deliciously crisp on one side yet tantalizingly moist within. The filling is made with a combination of tender pork shoulder and leg cuts as well as cabbage, garlic and ginger. This is then wrapped with Osaka Ohsho's very own delicately-thin wanton skin that is freshly made daily with Japanese flour.

To achieve consistency in texture and the right golden-brown crispness, only customized Osaka Ohsho grills that control the temperature at a constant 95 degrees C are used. They are served in portions of six or twelve.

Choose from a variety of Japanese as well as Chuka Set Meals like Black Vinegar Chicken Set and Mabo Tofu & Double Cooked Pork Set. Popular traditional favourites like Tenshin Han and of course, our signature Gyoza are definitely a must try!