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LANEIGE is Korea's leading Young Premium Total Beauty Brand, trusted and loved by young women worldwide. Launched in 1994, LANEIGE believe that water, being the source of life, is the key to youthful and lively skin. Through 20 years of research on the interaction between water and skin, LANEIGE developed its own exclusive technology "WATER SCIENCE(TM)" to help bold and confident young women achieve naturally hydrated and supple skin anytime, anywhere. With the power of water, we present the gift of clear and transparent skin. LANEIGE pursues Sparkling Beauty, not just only in the form of clear, transparent and glowing skin, but we also seek to unleash that dazzling charm within you. LANEIGE goes beyond the infinite possibilities of moisture, LANEIGE's Sparkling Beauty continues to move forward, to add a sparkle to the lives of women around the world.