East Side, Best Side!
Eat, Shop, and Play at Century Square, Tampines 1, Waterway Point & White Sands!
While the country adapts to a new norm, it is essential to take a breather and spend time with our family and friends. Engage in the 3 simple joys in life: eat, shop, and play at Frasers Malls in the East and North East region!
1. Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant, #01-01, Century Square

Dim Sum (点心)is a traditional Chinese meal, consisting of a large variety of small snacks and dishes. It is ideal for sharing among family and friends while also serving as a chance for them to catch up on one another’s lives. Although the original meaning remains unclear and debated, the general consensus is that Dim Sum means “from the heart”, a definition befitting of a warm enjoyable meal shared by many loved ones.
At the mention of Dim Sum, Swee Choon definitely comes to mind as the restaurant is beloved by many Singaporeans! After all, it is one of Singapore’s oldest established Dim Sum restaurants that has been serving the locals for more than 50 years. Many hold fond memories of early trips to the restaurant for a delightful family breakfast or a satisfying supper after a wild night with their friends. 
At Swee Choon, happiness comes in various forms: steamed, fried, baked and more! Warmth is enfolded in every bite and all dishes were made from the heart, keeping true to the meaning of Dim Sum. The restaurant not only offers Hong Kong Dim Sum and ShangHai Dim Sum, but also hand-pulled noodles, and Zi Char. 
Beyond good food, original recipes, and affordable fresh flavours, Swee Choon is a handcrafted experience specially designed to make you happier, even if just slightly! 
Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant is located at #01-01, Century Square.
2. Swee Heng 1989 Classic, #B1-12, White Sands

Established since 1989, Swee Heng has been a long-standing staple for Singaporeans’ breakfast and tea time! Grandmas and grandpas can be spotted at the crack of dawn, picking up their favourite pastries, and mothers are commonly seen buying fresh bakes early in the morning for the family at this halal-certified bakery.
Beloved by many, Swee Heng is a locally owned brand that both preserves traditions of the past and strives for creative innovations, keeping up with the modern times. Most Singaporeans are familiar with the brand through its traditional chain of outlets, Swee Heng Bakery, which offers the standard affordable baked goods. On the other hand, Swee Heng 1989 Classic was launched to focus on present-day innovative bakery concepts that produce delicious and insta-worthy creations. 
Beyond its menu, Swee Heng 1989 Classic differentiates itself through its store ambience. The store design reflects its contemporary concept, as it is furnished with wooden plank walls, warm lighting, and freshly baked goods and cakes enclosed in a crystal-clear glass display, channeling a modern industrial vibe. 
At Swee Heng 1989 Classic Bakery, customers get to explore novel food concepts and interesting new flavour profiles, with good taste and consistent quality!
Swee Heng 1989 Classic is located at #B1-12, White Sands. 
3. Délifrance, #03-K3/K5, Tampines 1

Originating from France, Délifrance and its creations are built upon a foundation of French roots and its rich culinary history. The first Asian outlet outside Europe was opened in Singapore in 1983, bringing a taste of Paris to Singaporeans with a dose of Parisian charm.
For over 30 years, Délifrance has been delivering their promise of a journey to France through their aromatic coffee and authentic French delicacies, as well as a cosy cafe interior that makes you feel akin to being in the City of Love! The brand strongly believes in a sense of balance and is thus committed to serving delicious and healthy food that simultaneously provides a convenient and delightful experience for their customers, catering to the busy lifestyle of Singaporeans.
Délifrance offers a wide range of French pastries and bakes, from popular staples such as baguettes and croissants, to their signature sandwiches as well as tarts, and cakes. To truly treat yourself to a satisfying meal, pair any food with a fragrant cup of coffee and relax in the cafe furnished with dark wood and warm lighting!
Délifrance is dedicated to making every day delicious and burns with a brilliant passion for catering to their customers’ palates with indulgent meals and unparalleled experiences. 
Délifrance is located at #03-K3/K5, Tampines 1.
4. PUTIEN, #B1-21, Waterway Point

PUTIEN’s namesake and roots can be traced back to the founder’s hometown, Putien, a beautiful coastal suburb in Fujian that is thriving with rich cultural heritage. The prefecture is well-known for its Fujian cuisine which emphasises on fresh seafood in its cooking. Believing that Singaporeans would fall in love with the delicate flavours from his hometown, the founder brought over the essence and tradition of his people: the unpretentious, simple, and pure Fujian cuisine. 
The local restaurant chain began as a humble coffee shop in Singapore Kitchener Road in 2000. Throughout the years, PUTIEN has expanded greatly while staying true to its culinary roots as the founder hired chefs from Putien to serve authentic Fujian dishes such as their signature Fujian Red Mushroom Seafood Lor Mee, PUTIEN Bian Rou Soup, Herbal Tiger Prawns, and more to its customers. Now, it has grown to 71 outlets in both Singapore and overseas as it prides itself on creating an unrivalled culinary experience for diners all over the world.
At PUTIEN, a spread of dishes awaits to tantalise your taste buds with new interesting flavours that you will love, in a well lighted restaurant with classy ambience. The restaurant chain uses the best and freshest ingredients in its cooking to keep the core of PUTIEN alive as well as to ensure consistency in their food quality.
Always ready to serve you with a down-to-earth, comforting, and delicious feast, come savour the flavours of Fujian cuisine at PUTIEN!
PUTIEN is located at #B1-21, Waterway Point.
5. Gram Cafe & Pancakes, #01-64, Waterway Point

Jiggly, puffy, and oh-so Instagrammable, Japanese souffle pancakes took over social media like a storm with videos featuring a leaning tower of wobbling pancakes! As the souffle pancake trend gained momentum, Gram Cafe & Pancakes made its way to Singapore and granted us the wish of sinking our teeth into soft fluffy clouds.
Gram Cafe & Pancakes is a franchise which originated from Osaka, Japan, bringing the authentic melt-in-your-mouth Japanese souffle pancakes to the locals. As making souffle pancakes requires lots of attention and skill, the cafe selects quality ingredients and carefully cooks the pancakes to perfection in order to deliver a smile to each customer whole-heartedly.
When it comes to souffle pancakes, it is all about the texture. In order to achieve fluffiness similar to that of a cotton candy or a cloud, a souffle pancake is whipped full of air and then slow-cooked on low heat. Subsequently, they are doused in butter and maple syrup, then topped with whipped cream, before they are served jiggling on a plate. There are also other flavours of souffle pancakes available, such as chocolate, tiramisu, and more! 
On top of that, Gram Cafe & Pancakes offers all-day Japanese breakfast, mini donburis (Japanese rice bowls), and pasta for diners who prefer more variety. The interior of the store is based on a soft green colour to create a calm and natural space where customers can unwind and take it easy. The branch at Waterway Point in particular, sports a beautiful Japanese ‘Garden of Eden’ theme with instagrammable spots such as the keyhole arch entrance as well as a corner decorated with a neon sign, a loveseat, and green plants.
Head down to Gram Cafe & Pancakes to indulge in its ethereally jiggly souffle pancakes!
Gram Cafe & Pancakes is located at #01-64, Waterway Point. 
6. Milksha, #01-38, Tampines 1

Bubble tea - you know it, we know it. As the bubble tea craze reached Singapore, Milksha made their grand entrance on this little red dot too! Originated from Milkshop (迷客夏), a bubble tea brand from Taiwan, Milksha aims to serve “Fresh, Natural, and Handmade Beverages” through 100% natural and fresh ingredients, without any preservatives, artificial colouring, or chemical additives. 
But the quality and taste are not compromised! Their signature honey pearls are freshly cooked and frozen before being air-flown from Taiwan to ensure consistent and optimum quality. These pearls appear in a golden shine as they are naturally sweetened with honey and do not contain any artificial colouring. The tea leaves used are handpicked from various regions, hand-brewed and taste-tested for top quality. Milksha only uses 100% fresh milk in all their beverages, instead of creamers which contain oil, sugars, and thickeners.
With an emphasis on freshness and health, Milksha offers the Fresh Milk series, Fresh Milk Tea Latte series, Premium Tea series and Special Concoctions, along with toppings including honey pearls, grass jelly, and pudding. If you ever feel lost on what to try from Milksha, pick their signatures such as their Azuki Matcha Milk and Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk! 
Milksha is located at #01-38, Tampines 1.
7. Discount Loft, #02-23, White Sands

Having built a broad and diverse portfolio of shoe brands, Discount Loft resells sports shoes, sneakers, and sandals from famous brands such as Adidas, Nike, Superga, and more at a lower price point.
In recent times, sports have become entwined with people’s lifestyles, playing an increasingly significant role in their lives as they strive to be healthy and active. This is where sports shoes come into the picture, as they provide substantial midsole foot cushioning to boost comfort to the ultimate. Not only that, they offer arch support which aids in the prevention of injuries and improves athletic performance. On top of that, consumers begin to pursue comfort, resulting in a  preference for athleisure and flat shoes such as sneakers and sandals. 
Recognising the new and rising consumers’ need and wants, Discount Loft prioritises quality and accessibility by offering popular shoe designs at affordable prices for their customers. As sports and comfort become core to our health and happiness, grab a fitting pair of shoes from Discount Loft today!  
Discount Loft is located at #02-23, White Sands. 
8.Karva Salon for Family, #04-11, Century Square

Soft, silky, and beautiful - a good hairstyle can do wonders for you! With a few easy snips and some styling, you could look glamorous, even when dressed in the simplest of outfits. Nevertheless, this comes hand-in-hand with excellent hair care as an attractive hairstyle requires shiny and voluminous hair. Good news - this is totally achievable with the right stylists at Karva Salon for Family!
Karva Salon for Family places importance in delivering top-notch services and convenience to their customers. The salon understands that it could be tough for an entire family to go for their hair appointments separately, especially for young children. Thus, they have tailored their services to cater to both kids and adults, where a busy family can have their hair needs met, at the same place and at the same time. Karva Salon for Family is also hijab-friendly for Muslim women who are increasingly seeking sophisticated services!
At the salon, you can expect the standard “cut, wash & blow”, rebond, perm, hair updo styling, colour, and men’s cut. Scalp treatments and other hair treatments for concerns such as hair damage and hair fall are also offered. To provide the ultimate experience, individual rooms will be available for those who wish to kick back, relax, and enjoy their sessions in private. Not to mention, students (16 y’o and below) receive 30% off while kids (7 y/o and below) receive 50% off all services! Karva Salon for Family is here to make it easy for you and your family, where love is in the hair.
Karva Salon for Family is located at #04-11, Century Square. 
9. Fun Claw, White Sands

Singaporeans are gripped by the claw machine craze, as evidenced by customers hunching over luminous claw machines and gripping the joystick with bated breath as the metal claw of fate descends into the mountain of cute plushies. 
To spread and reignite the child-like joy in everyone, Fun Claw is a home-grown brand which aims to create a space exclusively for claw machines where families and friends can bond over the simplicity of having a fun time while shopping together. As reflected by its brand name, Funclaw wishes everyone joy while playing at the arcade, and its 4-leaf clover brand embellishment represents their hope to bring luck to their customers. Cutely enough, Fun Claw also has 3 adorable mascots named Catch, Lucky, and Win!
Different from others, each and every toy at Fun Claw is uniquely theirs and made with the best materials for the best customers. There are also various kinds of claw machines at the arcade, ranging from those with small plushies to others with huge soft toys, where the metal claws are relatively strong. As the arcade is brightly lit as well as laced with artificial grass tiles and grasscloth wallpaper, the ambience is cosy, wholesome, and family-friendly.
With a refreshing and jovial environment where every catch is packed with excitement, thrill, and anticipation, your experience at Fun Claw will definitely be an enjoyable one!
Fun Claw is located at White Sands.