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Kid-Friendly Restaurants

With March School Holidays almost upon us, you’ve probably been busy thinking of activities, places to visit and things to do to keep the little ones active. In this month’s Collections, we're here to help make life a little easier for you. Because as much as your kids need a break - you do too! So sit back, relax, and read on.

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Running out of ideas on how to entertain your kids during the school holidays? Instead of stressing for ideas, why not take a well-earned holiday from work or chores and treat the family to a tasty meal out? 

Check out this list of kid-friendly restaurants that dish up delectable delights and is sure to have your family's taste buds jumping for joy. They also have kid-friendly amenities that will ensure your kids stay entertained (and hopefully well behaved!) throughout the meal.


Daessiksin Korean BBQ

Most of us love a good Korean BBQ and at Daessiksin Korean BBQ, they serve a delicious BBQ Buffet that will have the little ones asking for more. Their classic Beef and Chicken Bulgogi (meaning ‘fire meat’) draws its flavours from a special marinade which includes ingredients like soy sauce, a touch of sugar, and sesame oil, giving it a delicious sweet taste.

This authentic dish is loved by young and old alike, so kids won’t have a problem tucking in. Plus, children dining at Daessiksin Korean BBQ have been known to enjoy the very tasty fried potato slices, sweet corn, red bean soup and fruits, all washed down with a refreshing fizzy drink made with Sprite and fruit! 

Kid-friendly features include:

  • Large, comfortable seating spaces and tables to accommodate families with young children.
  • Plenty of baby chairs for families with babies.
  • Buffet restaurant with a large variety of food - so every taste bud is satisfied and no one goes home disappointed or hungry.

The Kid's BBQ Buffet is suitable for kids aged 4-12 years old. It costs $8.90++ for lunch and $18.90++ for dinner daily. Daessiksin Korean BBQ is located at Waterway Point East Wing, #01-33


Fish & Co.

Famous for their tasty Western seafood cuisine, Fish & Co. is a certified red hot favourite for the kids. Their Captain Hook meal, which is made of classic Fish & Chips drizzled with Fish & Co.’s delicious signature lemon butter sauce, is a definite must. This mouth-watering meal is served with a choice of sides (chips, paella rice or mashed potatoes), a choice of drinks (orange juice, cranberry juice, Milo or milk), and desserts (apple, banana or ice-cream). 

Fish & Co. takes pride in their Fish & Chips, ensuring they’re crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside. Fish & Co. also encourages a well-balanced diet by serving a healthy portion of vegetables, such as carrots, with all their kids’ meals. They also make sure that there is a good selection of fruits in the dessert menu, like apples and bananas.

Kid-friendly features include:

  • The Kids' menu is not only a menu - turn it over and you have an activity sheet to keep the little ones occupied while they wait for their seafood feast! They even supply coloured pencils so the kids can create some art – brilliant!

The Fish & Co.'s Captain Hook meal is much loved by kids of all ages. Besides, your child gets to choose from a range of six other kids meals, which are available daily at $10.95++. Fish & Co. is located at Waterway Point East Wing, #B1-18.


Kid's Menu - Minute Steak

Jack’s Place

Well known as a family restaurant, and for their quality Western cuisine, Jack’s place offers a stand-alone Kid’s menu for children under ten. Some of the favourite dishes on the menu include the hearty Minute Steak and the mouth-watering Meat Ball Spaghetti.

The Minute Steak features healthy grass-fed beef steak free from hormones, and is a great source of iron, perfect for growing kids. And we all know how the little ones love a good spaghetti. The Meat Ball Spaghetti at Jack’s Place is no exception. It comes with a delicious herb sauce, is made with quality ingredients, is high in fibre, and totally slurp-worthy of any discerning child.

Jack’s Place has made a point of designing a Kids-friendly menu, so the younger members of the family can enjoy what the grown-ups are having but in a smaller and more affordable kids-sized portion of their own.

Kid-friendly features include:

  • Kid’s cutlery and baby chairs are available for the little ones.

The Minute Steak meal is priced affordably at $8.50++ and the Spaghetti Meat Ball set is available for $7++. Both meals come with a mini glass of kid’s apple juice. Jack's Place is located at Anchorpoint #01-09/10.


Pizza Hut

The trusted brand - Pizza Hut - is a family favourite when it comes to rounding up the kids for a tasty dine-out treat. Pizza Hut serves all-time favourite Western cuisine with popular dishes for the kids. Top of the favourites list for children are the Mini Pizza Meals (reinvented from Hawaiian Pizza), Yummy Spaghetti Meal (which evolved from Bolognese Pasta), and Honey Roasted Wings.  

Kid’s meals are available for only $7.90++ but the good news is, on weekdays, children can eat for FREE when parents order any select a la carte main meal or pizza set meal! (T&Cs apply*) Pizza Hut is located at Causeway Point #B1-25; Eastpoint Mall #02-03; Northpoint #B1-40/41; and Waterway Point West Wing, #B1-11.

* Terms and conditions: Valid for dine-in only. Applicable for regular/ large pizza, bakes pasta/ rice, pasta and western main. Not valid with other promotions, discounts or offers. Not valid on eves of and on public holidays. Set meals exclude Valulicious Lunch and students' meals. Prices are subject to prevailing GST and service charge.


Siam Kitchen

Thai cuisine is a family favourite the world over, and there’s plenty for children to love about this internationally iconic cuisine. One wonderful thing about Thai food is the way they incorporate fresh fruits with savoury flavours.

One dish that’s very popular with children is the Pineapple Fried Rice with Seafood (Khao Phad Sapparot Talay), which many Singaporeans know and love. Another tantalising taste sensation for the kids is the Honey Sesame Fish/Chicken and the classic Seafood Phad Thai. For dessert, the little ones’ taste buds will be ready to party, with Thai Red Ruby and Ice Cream!

The above dishes are suitable for children of all ages and are affordably priced with the Pineapple Fried Rice with Seafood (Khao Phad Sapparot Talay) at $10.90++; Honey Sesame Fish/Chicken at $11.90++; Seafood Phad Thai at $11.50++; and the delish Thai Ruby Red and Ice Cream at $6.90++. Siam Kitchen is located at Eastpoint Mall #02-05.



Swensen’s is well known as a family restaurant that serves western cuisine with a twist. There’s plenty for the kids to love about Swensen’s but one of the stand-out favourites would have to be their Spaghetti Twirlies (we did say with a twist) closely followed by the Fish ‘N Chippies.

Swensen’s reckons these meals are a huge hit with the kids, especially if they don't have it at home very often. These yummy meals are suitable for kids of all ages and is served in a fun (and educational!) container. The current Kid’s Set container is based on a garden theme, inspired by the notion of sustainability and our younger generation learning to grow their favourite herbs and vegetables.

Kid-friendly features include:

  • The cool pop-up Garden Holder is served with every Kids’ meals and comes complete with a spoon just like a spade – so cute! Kids can even take them home to use as a spade and holder to grow their own plants.

Kid’s meals are priced to please at $9.90++, and all dishes come with a drink choice of Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Milo or soft drinks. Swensen's is located at Causeway Point #02-08/09; and Waterway Point West Wing, #02-35.


The Manhattan FISH MARKET

The Manhattan FISH MARKET is renowned for their sumptuous American-style seafood dishes, and when it comes to kid-friendly fare, it doesn’t get much better than the Crabby Fish Burger. This tasty burger, packed with a crispy, succulent fish fillet and healthy cranberry coleslaw, with crispy chips and fresh veggies on the side, is designed to look just like a Crab.

The dish was inspired by the popular adults’ signature Manhattan Fish ‘n Chips and re-designed in this cute crabby package for the kids. 

The Crabby Fish Burger is available for $7.95++ and comes with Orange Juice/Iced Lemon Tea or Soft Drink (Coke/Sprite). The Manhattan FISH MARKET is located at Bedok Point #03-05/06/07, #03-40; Causeway Point #02-34, #02-K02; Changi City Point #01-39/40; and Northpoint #02-06/07.

If you’re looking for ways to combine some fun, adventure and yummy food into the school holiday activity mix, we hope you’ll find these wonderful kid-friendly dining options helpful and don't forget to check out the activities happening at our malls this March.

Happy March School Holidays!


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