8 Festive Must-Haves For A Prosperous New Year



8 Festive Must-Haves For A Prosperous New Year

Nothing sets up that festive Lunar New Year feeling like good food and great company. With all the fun and festivities just around the corner -- what are YOU looking forward to the most?


Can't wait for Chinese New Year? Take a look at our list and you’ll instantly recall marvellous memories of fond family favourites, from past Lunar New Year celebrations. 

1. Bak Kwa

Passionate about your Bak Kwa? It’s probably because our home brand, Bee Cheng Hiang uses 100% natural ingredients. Their Bak Kwa has a complex, rich hint of barbeque aroma that’s totally unforgettable. The best Bak Kwa boasts of the highest quality hand-weaved meat, smothered in a secret recipe sauce and cooked ever so slowly over hot coals to seal in succulent sweet and savoury juices.

While many of us would gladly eat Bak Kwa all year long, Chinese New Year provides the perfect reason to break out this guilty pleasure.

Here are some tips from Bee Cheng Hiang to keep your Bak Kwa fresh, in the rare event you don’t eat it all at once:

  • Store it in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. This avoids oxidation, which accelerates loss of quality and nutritional value.
  • Store it in an airtight container and keep it in the fridge. If you can resist eating it all straight away, this will protect it from condensation and mould.
  • For warm, freshly grilled Bak Kwa, remember to let it cool before you pop it into an airtight container. 

What are some great Bak Kwa pairings we hear you ask? Well, the answer is - your favourite beer and red wine. They go perfectly well together and you can even use your Bak Kwa as a topping on salads to add a bit of variety.

Get it from Bee Cheng Hiang outlets at Causeway Point #B1-40 and Waterway Point, West Wing, #B2-K5/K6. 

2. Pineapple Tarts

A buttery, savoury crust wrapping a glorious sweet pineapple filling – the Pineapple Tarts are bound to keep your sweet tooth satisfied. We know you can’t just have one, so why not have an amazing treat for yourself and your loved ones! More Pineapple Tarts might just also bring your greater luck - after all, ǒng lái (the Hokkien phrase for pineapple) sounds similar to wàng lái (旺来), a Chinese term which means “prosperity has come”.

Head down to PrimaDéli and enjoy special promotions on these delectable Pineapple Tarts! 

  • From 4 – 17 Jan 2016, get 1 FREE tin of Pillow/Cheese Pineapple Tarts when you buy 2 tins. 
  • From 18 Jan – 7 Feb 2016, get 15% Off from Pillow/Cheese Pineapple Tarts.
  • From 4 Jan – 7 Feb 2016, get 15% Off Supreme Pineapple Tarts and Prosperity Cookies. 

Get these Pineapple Tarts Specials from PrimaDéli at Causeway Point #B1-K23, Eastpoint Mall #B1-K4Northpoint #B1-43 or YewTee Point #B1-44.

You can also receive a Prosperity Bag which includes a limited edition tote bag, a customised tin of delicious PrimaDéli pineapple tarts (halal) and a pair of mandarin oranges, with a $108/$168 nett spend. Find out more details here

3. Hong Baos

According to legend, red packets filled with coins were given to children to ward off an evil demon known as “Nian”. Nowadays, it has become a monetary gift from elders to the young ones or from married couples to unmarried relatives and friends. “Tao Hong Bao” or asking for red packets has been a rite of passage every Chinese New Year.

Want to fill your life with some abundant good fortune in the Year of the Monkey? Easily done, just pocket some pretty packets! If you’re a Frasers Rewards member and you spend $50 nett between 11 Jan and 7 Feb 2016 on all Frasers Centrepoint Malls, you can redeem an exquisite six-piece Hongbao set featuring three exclusive designs. (Redemptions at Waterway Point will start on 18 January onwards.) Find out more details here!

4. Mandarin Oranges

What would Chinese New Year be without bountiful baskets of Mandarin Oranges, which are believed to bring good fortune due to its Cantonese pronunciation, gām (柑), which sounds the same as gold, gām (金). Visiting your relatives or Chinese friends with a pair Mandarin Oranges to give them luck is customary during Chinese New Year – but never give four! Because four is an inauspicious number for the Chinese.

Fill your life with fortune and prosperity this festive season with these beautiful limited edition bags in a choice of three vibrant colours and each containing a customised tin of delicious Prima Deli pineapple tarts (halal) and a pair of Mandarin Oranges. Frasers Rewards members can get them now for any $108/$168 nett spend. Click here for more details!

Click here to find out more about Frasers Rewards.

5. Family Reunion Dinner

Arguably the most important element of Chinese New Year, the Family Reunion Dinner is a time-honoured tradition that celebrates family unity and togetherness. Living in such a fast-paced world, it’s important to spend time with family and share great food and wonderful memories together!
Known as Wei Lu or “gathering around the family hearth”, the Family Reunion Dinner is a special time for families to reaffirm their love and respect, the very thing that binds them together as one. For such a special occasion, it’s little wonder, this special meal calls for the very best food, served in abundance. 
So why not go the healthier route and have a highly interactive, “Do It Yourself” Hotpot Reunion Dinner at home. For broths, one can easily find anything from low-salt organic vegetable stock to chicken collagen soup and tom yam soup broths from Cold Storage, Fairprice Finest and NTUC FairPrice outlets! This also gives you a chance to be creative with ingredients too. From fresh vegetables like mushrooms and watercress, to wagyu shabu shabu beef and meatballs, and your favourite seafood like scallops and prawns, be playful this year! Our favourite ingredients are definitely dumplings that come in every shape, size and flavour! 


Get your Hotpot ingredients from: our FairPrice Finest outlet at Waterway Point, West Wing, #B2-32; NTUC FairPrice outlets at Eastpoint Mall #05-01 and YewTee Point #B1-01/07; or Cold Storage outlets at Causeway Point #B1-31/32/33, China Square Central #B1-03/04 and Northpoint #B1-11/16.


6. Treasure Pot  

As the name suggests, the sumptuous Treasure Pot has been a perennial favourite when it comes to festive feasting. This magnificent one-pot delicacy with premium ingredients like abalone, fresh prawns and oysters make up the ultimate indulgence. It really is a heavenly melting-pot of luscious flavours.

Dating as far back as the Song Dynasty (1132-1279), the secret to any great Pen Cai is its complex cooking techniques and the number “8”. Yes that’s correct, the soul of this amazing dish rests with eight main seasonings, cooking techniques and eight layers, stacked to form Pen Cai or “Big Bowl Feast”. This explosion of heavenly flavours combines beautifully to leave you with lasting memories of fond family gatherings.

Enjoy the Bountiful Abalone Treasure Pot for $238 (regular serving for up to 5 people) or $418 (large serving for up to 10 people.)

Get it from Crystal Jade at Causeway Point #05-10.

7. Lou Hei

The perfect dish to welcome the Lunar New Year, this iconic local culinary creation is the perfect entrée to every single meal during the Chinese New Year period. It is the one and only – Lou Hei!

With its origins in southern China, legend tells of a young man and his girlfriend stranded alone at a temple during a bad storm. All they had to eat was a Carp they’d caught, and a bottle of vinegar they happened to find. They added the vinegar to the stripped Carp and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Yu Sheng is a colourful explosion of flavours and most notably enjoyed on the seventh day of Chinese New Year in Singapore and Malaysia. With its auspicious homonymic quality, yu meaning “fish” can also mean “abundance”, while sheng means “raw” can also mean “life”. Hence Yusheng can imply “abundance of wealth and long life”.

Toss to good fortune, health, wealth and other auspicious wishes with the essential Lou Hei ingredients of carrot, radish julienne, crispy yam strips and the all-important Yu Sheng (raw fish). When this confetti of colours is all topped with a refreshing house-made plum sauce, you know you’re in Lunar New Year heaven.

Try the unique Reunion Baby Abalone Yu Sheng! The regular serving is priced at $40.80 while the large goes for $66.80.

Get it from Crystal Jade at Causeway Point #05-K10

8. Pork Floss

Its signature golden brown crispy yet delicate texture and sweet fragrance makes Pork Floss a great topping for porridge, salads or as a filling for a sandwich. Singaporeans eat this all year round for good reason, but love to stock up on it every Lunar New Year. 

Did you know you only need five ingredients to make the basic pork floss? Pork shoulder, soy sauce, salt, sugar and white pepper. Looks pretty simple, right! 

Fill this Chinese New Year with more special memories by sharing great food and snacks with your loved ones. It’s an experience that will definitely stay with you throughout your life. We hope you have a very happy, prosperous and safe Chinese New Year!



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